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Do You Know the Performance of the Calibrator of SF6 Relay?

1. SF6 relay calibrator has high accuracy and reliability

SF6 relay calibrator adopts high-performance 16-bit single-chip microcomputer for detection and control, and the core components are imported, with high precision, good repeatability and high reliability.
SF6 relay calibrator is equipped with monochrome LCD screen and soft keyboard man-machine interface. SF6 relay calibrator is simple to operate, with beautiful interface. All parameters and states can be seen at a glance.

2. Temperature dynamic automatic compensation of SF6 relay calibrator

SF6 relay calibrator automatically completes the pressure measurement and 20℃ numerical conversion, so as to complete the dynamic automatic compensation of pressure and temperature.

In addition, SF6 relay calibrator displays the pressure at the measured ambient temperature, the pressure at the ambient temperature of 20℃, and the ambient temperature, which completely solves the problem that it is difficult to calibrate the SF6 gas density relay on site.

3. Convenience of SF6 relay calibrator

All the testing process of SF6 relay is automatically completed by the single chip microcomputer without manual intervention, which avoids the tedious operation of manual air circuit adjustment. Moreover, it has the function of voice prompt for data acquisition. Each time the data is collected and recorded, SF6 relay will send out a buzzer prompt.
SF6 relay calibrator can store 32 test results at the same time, with power failure data protection function. The SF6 relay calibrator can query and print previous test results at any time.

The SF6 relay calibrator has the function of communicating with the computer. The data can be uploaded to the computer through 232 communication port or USB communication port to form a complete Word document test report. The SF6 relay calibrator does not require a constant greenhouse during the calibration process and can calibrate SF6 gas density relays and pressure gauges in any effective temperature range.

Equipped with various types of transition adapters, SF6 relays for most types of switches can be calibrated in the field without removal. In addition to the function of density relay calibration, the instrument also has the function of 20℃ pressure gauge calibration and pressure gauge calibration at normal temperature.

SF6 relay calibrator has the function of system clock online modification and system pressure online modification. SF6 relay has two temperature measurement methods: automatic measurement of ambient temperature and infrared temperature measurement to ensure the accuracy of test results.

The cylinder pressure reducing valve of SF6 relay calibrator can withstand the pressure of 15MP (150kg), and low pressure output can be adjusted. It is suitable for nitrogen for calibration and other test gas in the measuring room. The SF6 gas density relay calibrator can simultaneously test one set of alarm signals and two sets of locking signals. This product is a portable tool, easy to use and reliable, and is the necessary equipment for SF6 relay calibration.

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