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Application Overview of Micro Water SF6 Gas Density Monitoring Device

Pure sulfur hexafluoride gas is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas with stable chemical properties and does not burn. It has many advantages such as good insulation performance in electrical properties, no fire hazard, and good arc extinguishing performance. Therefore, with the rapid development of the power industry, SF6 gas has been widely used in circuit breakers and GIS equipment as arc extinguishing media. However, if the moisture content in SF6 gas is too high, it will be harmful to the operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the moisture content in SF6 gas to provide reliable information and basis for the state maintenance of power systems and the construction of smart grids, and to ensure safe production.

Application of SF6 Micro Water Gas Monitoring System

The SF6 Micro Water Gas Monitoring System can make it more convenient for users to access and understand the operational status of various substations. Maintenance personnel can clearly know what they need and how to do it. The core of all these technological achievements lies in the micro water measurement and analysis algorithm based on polymer polymer film monitoring technology and the digital SF6 gas density monitoring technology. It forms an expert diagnostic system based on digital processing technology (DSP) and real-time database technology. It ensures that the dynamic changes in the digital pressure and micro water monitoring data reflect the deterioration trend of the gas quality inside the switch, and provides scientific basis for users' condition-based maintenance.

The SF6 Micro Water Gas Monitoring System can simultaneously realize the online collection, data processing, and data output of SF6 gas temperature, pressure, density, and micro water through the integrated acquisition device. The backend system can collect the temperature, pressure, density, and micro water content of the gas in real time, automatically alarm according to the set alarm and interlock limits, and can also calculate the leakage of the internal gas of the equipment based on the saved operating information, providing reference data for regular equipment testing for users, reducing power outage times and duration, and obtaining greater economic benefits.

The density and humidity of SF6 gas can represent the insulation and arc extinction performance of SF6 gas. Therefore, the operational regulations of the State Grid Corporation of China stipulate that the density and humidity of SF6 gas must be regularly tested before and during operation.

Advantages of the SF6 Micro Water Gas Monitoring System:

  • Real-time data collection (humidity, density, temperature), remote transmission, fault alarm, background analysis, historical query.

  • Automatic loop diagnostic function (self-diagnostic function).

  • Sensor self-calibration function (self-calibration function).

  • Automatic heating function (self-cleaning function), calculation and conversion of micro water and density parameters under 20℃ standard conditions.

  • Hand-in-hand communication connection device, can also achieve multiple data acquisition methods (wired + wireless) at the same time.

  • Stable product equipment, reliable operation, unique sealing structure design, tight enclosure, waterproof, anti-pollution, dust-proof, highly integrated, small size, light weight, military standard.

This device realizes real-time online monitoring of SF6 gas density, temperature, pressure, and micro water content. The micro water content and the integrated acquisition device of SF6 gas temperature, pressure, and density can upload the monitoring data of each monitoring point to the backend system through data bus networking. It realizes online alarm for decreasing gas density, excessive micro water content, automatic data saving and generation of historical curves, and generates data reports. It can reduce personnel inspection and meter reading workload, realize fault warning, provide reference data for regular equipment testing for users, reduce power outage times and duration, and obtain maximum economic benefits.

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