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What Are the Technical Specifications of SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibrator?

SF6 switch is a high-voltage electrical appliance widely used in power system, and the reliable operation of SF6 switch has become one of the most concerned issues in power supply sector. SF6 gas density relay is an important component used to monitor the change of SF6 gas density in the body of SF6 switch in operation, and its performance directly affects the operational safety of SF6 switch. Due to the infrequent operation of SF6 gas density relay in field operation, the operation is often inflexible and the contact is poor after a period of time. The temperature compensation performance of some density relays may deteriorate. When the ambient temperature mutates, it often leads to the misoperation of SF6 relay. Each SF6 switch unit should regularly calibrate the SF6 gas density relay. From the actual operation, it is also very necessary to regularly calibrate the SF6 relays and pressure gauges in operation on site.

1. Functional characteristics of SF6 gas density relay calibrator

(1) SF6 gas density relay calibrator uses high-performance sixteen-bit single-chip computer for detection and control, the core components are imported with high precision, good repeatability, and high reliability.

(2) Equipped with a monochrome LCD screen and soft keyboard human-machine interface, with simple operation, beautiful interface, all parameters and status at a glance.

(3) Automatically complete the pressure measurement and 20 ℃ value conversion, thus completing the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. And it displays the pressure under the measured ambient temperature, the pressure under the ambient temperature at 20 ℃, ambient temperature. The problem of difficult field calibration of SF6 gas density relay is completely solved.

(4) All the test process is completed automatically by the single chip microcomputer, without manual intervention, to avoid the tedious artificial air regulation operation.

(5) Data collection and sound prompt function: the instrument will beep every time a data is collected and recorded.

(6) It can store multiple test results at the same time, and has a data protection function, so users can query and print the previous test results at any time.

(7) It has a communication function with computer, so data can be uploaded to computer through communication port or USB communication port to form a complete document test report.

(8) No constant greenhouse is needed in the calibration process. SF6 relay and pressure gauge can be calibrated in any effective temperature range.

2. Technical indicators of SF6 density relay calibrator

(1) Working voltage: AC220V±10% (Type A) or built-in working source (Type B).

(2) Apparatus power: 30W.

(3) Apparatus accuracy: 0.2 level.

(4) Resolution of pressure display: 0.001MPa.

(5) Pressure calibration range: 0 to 1.0MPa.

(6) Resolution of ambient temperature display: 0.1℃.

(7) Measurement range of ambient temperature:-40℃ to 80℃.

(8) Working humidity: ≤90%RH.

(9) Calibration object: single alarm, single closing, single alarm single closing, single alarm double closing.

(10) Display mode: graphic dot matrix monochrome LCD screen.

(11) Operation mode: key input of soft keyboard.

(12) Printer type: high-speed thermal printer.

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