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SF6 Relay Calibration Instrument: Environmental and Functional Requirements

SF6 relay environmental requirements for calibrator

  • Operating temperature:-20℃~+45℃

  • Operating humidity:5%~95% relative humidity

  • Storage temperature:-25℃~+50℃

  • Altitude:≤4000m

SF6 relay functional requirements for calibrator

  • Using a high-speed single-chip microcomputer as the core of the measurement and control system, with high accuracy and good stability

  • High degree of automation, good repeatability, high reliability, good airtightness, overall leakage rate: ≤5%/Y,maximumpressure resistance: 1.5MPa.

  • Equipped with a touch color LCD display, simple operation, and beautiful interface.

  • Equipped with atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature measurement, infrared temperature measurement can also be used, with dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. It can perform calibration in the temperature range of -30℃ to +60℃, display ambient temperature, pressure under ambient temperature, and automatically calculate to equivalent pressure at 20℃.

  • Built-in high-performance compressor, automatically generates high-pressure gas source, or choose to connect to an external gas bottle to fill SF6 and nitrogen as the gas source, automatically complete boosting and decompression.

  • Automated and manual gas recovery: automatic gas recovery without manual operation throughout the process; manual recovery can also be performed by clicking the recovery button

  • Built-in circulation detection: SF6 gas can be recycled and used, airtightness meets the requirements of State Grid standards, and the product is more environmentally friendly to use

  • It has error analysis of calibration results and automatically determines whether various pressures and contact contact resistances are qualified.

  • It can store 1000 test results at the same time and has power-off data protection function, which can query and print stored data at any time.

  • The gas consumption during the calibration process is minimal, does not waste SF6 gas, low testing cost, no pollution to the environment, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  • The instrument has calibration function. After long-term use, the instrument can be calibrated and corrected to ensure the calibration accuracy of the instrument.

  • Can test a set of alarm signals and two sets of interlock signals simultaneously.

  • Can perform one-button automatic calibration, manual boosting, and decompression calibration, and the manual boosting and decompression rate can be adjusted in multiple levels.

  • Can automatically identify the contact type (normally open or normally closed) of SF6 relay.

  • The data management software can convert data formats (XML, EXCEL), filter, analyze, generate reports, and print.

  • Data can be uploaded via USB, serial port, or wireless connection.

  • Equipped with an automatic leak detection function.

  • Comes with various models of transition joints; for most switch models, the density relay can be field-calibrated without disassembly.

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