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FMZ Series Connection Valve

This product is a device to connect SF6 density monitor with SF6 gas chamber. After the completion of the assembly, the electrical maintenance personnel can make SF6 gas density monitor calibration or replacement without disassembling the unit, solving the disassembling difficulty in monitor check, replacement and gas supplementation, avoiding the damage to switch sealing surface and sealing joints caused by disassembling joints in periodic verification process, greatly reducing the chance of leakage, improving work efficiency and ensuring the safe operation of SF6 electrical switches.
FMZ Series Connection Valve
  • FMZ Series Connection Valve
  • FMZ Series Connection Valve 1
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Drawing of FMZ Series Connection Valve

FMZ Series Connection Valve

Application of FMZ Series Connection Valve

  • SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • SF6 insulated circuit breakers

  • SF6 insulated pole-mounted switch

  • SF6 insulated transformer

  • SF6 insulated mutual inductor

  • SF6 Gas insulated busbar systems

  • SF6 insulated inflatable cabinet

  • SF6 insulated RMU

Feature of FMZ Series Connection Valve

  • SF6 gas density monitor can be calibrated or replaced without disassembling SF6 density monitor 

  • A person can operate independently without disassembling the screws, which saves effort and time. 

  • It can facilitate on-site personnel to measure micro-water and supplement air for switch

  • Avoid surface scoring and joint damage from disassembly

Technical Data of FMZ Series Connection Valve

Valve seat material:aluminum, copper alloy, stainless steel
Nominal diameter:6.8.12 mm (Medium voltage equipment)
20mm (High-voltage equipment)
Surface finish:Aluminum: Oxidation treatment
Copper alloys:Not processed
AISI304 Stainless steel:Not processed
Ambient conditions:-40°C to +60°C
Leakage rate:≤1 × 10-8  Pa·m3/s (Helium leakage inspection)

Options of FMZ Series Connection Valve

  • Interface size of density valve: customizable

  • Nominal diameter: customizable

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