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ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

These good gas density monitors are used to monitor SF6 gas density in sealed tanks. They are applied to indicate gas density and to provide a signal outputs when the when the density reaches the set value. They are able to transmit the real-time data of SF6 gas density remotely and achieve the online remote monitoring. They are designed to monitor High Voltage systems. They can provide multiple solutions to support new substations and the intelligent transformation of existing substations.
ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor
  • ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor
  • ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor `
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Drawing of ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

ZMJ100PR Remote Transmission Density Monitor

Application of ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

  • SF6Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • SF6 Insulated Circuit Breakers

  • SF6 Insulated Pole-Mounted Switch

  • SF6 Insulated Transformer

  • SF6 Insulated Mutual Inductor

  • SF6 Gas Insulated Busbar Systems

Feature of ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

  • The temperature compensator ensures greater accuracy of instrumentation pressure measurement. 

  • Perfect mechanical and electronic combination, local indication and instrumentation control. The precise mechanical structure allows the electronic signal to be transmitted in real time. 

  • RS485 bus interface, system expansion facilitating, remote control and remote control. High capacity for anti-electromagnetic interference. 

  • Suitable for installation indoor or outdoor. 

  • Hermetically sealed case of stainless steel AISI 304 

  • AISI 316 stainless steel gas connecting tubes 

  • The display value and output signals on the screen are independent of the external impact, such as altitude 

  • To achieve a maximum of four switch contacts, an overpressure alarm, dual alarm or double locking and many other options make gas density monitor safer and more reliable

Technical Data of ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

Case diameter:100mm
Scale range:-0.1 to 0.9MPa (customizable)
Accuracy:(related to the measuring span; SF6 in gas phase)
a) At 20°C:Class 1.0 or 1.5
b) -40°C to +60°C:Class 2.5
Degree of protection:IP65
Ambient conditions:-40°C to +60°C, relative humidity ≤95%RH
Leakage rate:≤ 1 × 10-9 Pa·m3/s (helium leak check)
Interface size:M20 × 1.5 (customizable)
Installation method:radial or axial
Electrical connection:Plug-in connection M20 × 1.5 sealing head
cable size:1.5mm2 recommended, 2.5mm2 maximum
Insulation properties:
Insulation resistance:>100 MW (DC 500V)
Withstand voltage:2kV, 50/60 Hz 1 min
Contact type:Magnetic snap-action switch
80%Ag, 20%Ni, 10µm Au plated
Impact rating:50g (oil-filled), 30g (non-oil-filled)
Contact electrical parameters:30W/50VA, 1A (maximum)
220VDC/380V 50/60Hz (maximum)
Watch glass:Laminated safety glass
Pressure-sensitive component:imported Bourdon tubes

Main electrical performance indicators and specifications of the remote transmission part

Power supply:DC 24V
Power consumption:< 2W
Communication mode:RS485
Protocol:ModBus RTU
Baud rate:9600bps

Anti-electromagnetic interference

IEC61000-4-2:level 4 (15kV)
IEC61000-4-3:level 3 (10V / m)
IEC61000-4-4:level 4 (4kV)
IEC61000-4-5:level 3 (+/- 2kV)
IEC61000-4-6:level 3 (10V)
IEC61000-4-8:level 5 (100A / m)

Options of ZMJ100PR Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

  • Power-frequency withstand voltage: 2.5kV 50/60 Hz 1min

  • Oil-filled

  • Measuring medium: SF6, Air, N2, SF6 + N2 and other gases

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