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Parameter Description of Fully Automatic SF6 Relay Calibrator

In the daily operation of the power system, the stability and safety of SF6 switches are crucial. The SF6 gas relay, as the core component monitoring gas density changes in SF6 switches, its performance verification is particularly important. The automated SF6 relay calibrator is an intelligent verification tool designed based on this need. It integrates high-precision measurement and intelligent operation, providing strong support for the stable operation of the power system.

Overview of Automatic SF6 Relay Calibrator

The automated SF6 relay calibrator is an intelligent calibration instrument that uses high precision pressure sensors and high-speed A/D converters. It combines a 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, capable of performance verification of various SF6 gas relays. The instrument can not only accurately measure the pressure value at the time of signal action but also automatically complete the standard pressure conversion at 20℃ for any environmental temperature, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurement results.

Features of Automatic SF6 Relay Calibrator

Comprehensive Functions

This instrument can measure multiple parameters of SF6 gas relays, such as alarm value, lockout value, alarm reset value, lockout reset value, and more, meeting various calibration needs.

Intelligent Operation

The automated SF6 relay calibrator has highly intelligent features. The calibration process does not require a constant temperature room and can be carried out within any effective temperature range. Moreover, the instrument has the function of automatically completing pressure measurement and 20℃ equivalent pressure value conversion, greatly simplifying the calibration process.

User-Friendly Interface

The instrument is equipped with a large screen Chinese LCD and a rotary mouse human-machine interface, making operations simple and intuitive. The test process is automated, requiring no manual intervention, which improves calibration efficiency.

Complete Accessories

The automated SF6 relay calibrator comes with a variety of transition adaptors, suitable for different models of SF6 relays, allowing for on-site calibration without disassembly, convenient and fast.

Technical Parameters of Automated SF6 Relay Calibrator

Power Supply

AC220V/50Hz, ensuring the stable operation of the instrument.

Instrument Accuracy

Up to 0.2 level, guaranteeing the accuracy of measurement results.

Pressure Verification Range and Resolution

0~1MPa measurement range and 0.001MPa resolution, meeting various pressure measurement needs.

Temperature Measurement Range and Resolution

-20℃~80℃ measurement range and 0.1℃ resolution, ensuring accurate measurement under different environmental temperatures.

Working Humidity

≤90%RH, adapting to various humidity environments.

Calibration Objects

Includes single alarm, single lockout, single alarm single lockout, single alarm double lockout, and more, meeting different calibration needs.

With its high precision, intelligence, and convenience, the automated SF6 relay calibrator provides strong support for the stable operation of the power system. In the future, as the power system continues to develop, the automated SF6 relay calibrator will continue to play an important role, contributing to the safety and stable operation of the power system.

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