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Flow and Characteristics of SF6 Gas Density Relay Callibrator

SF6 density relays are SF6 gas density relays. Each SF6 switch user unit should calibrate the SF6 density relay regularly. From the actual operating situation, it is also very necessary to periodically calibrate the SF6 density relay and pressure gauge in the field operation.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of SF6 gas density relay calibrator

1. In addition to the calibration function of the density relay, it also has the functions of 20℃ pressure gauge calibration and normal temperature pressure gauge calibration.

2. Temperature measurement mode: automatically measure the test environment temperature to ensure the accuracy of the test results

Ⅱ. The features of SF6 gas density relay calibrator

1. The SF6 gas density relay calibrator uses 32-bit high-speed single-chip microcomputers and the company's high-speed signal processing chip for detection and control with a high degree of integration, mechatronics design, high precision, good repeatability and high reliability. It is equipped with a monochrome LCD screen and a soft keyboard man-machine interface with simple operation and nice interface, and all parameters and status are clear at a glance.

2. The SF6 gas density relay calibrator automatically completes pressure measurement and 20°C value conversion, thereby completing dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. It also displays the pressure at the measured ambient temperature, the pressure and the ambient temperature at the ambient temperature of 20°C. The problem of difficult field calibration of the relay is completely solved. All the test processes are automatically completed by the instrument without manual intervention, which avoids tedious manual air circuit adjustment operations.

3. The SF6 gas density relay calibrator prints the test results in report form, and intelligently analyzes the test results. It can store 50 test results at the same time with the power-down data protection function, which can query and print previous test results at any time.

4. There is no need for a constant temperature room during the calibration process, and SF6 density relays and pressure gauges can be calibrated within any effective temperature range. Equipped with various types of transition joints, the density relays of most types of switches can be calibrated on site without disassembly.

5. No SF6 gas is wasted during the calibration process, the test cost is low, and there is no pollution to the environment.

6. It has reliable performance and can test one set of alarm signals and two sets of blocking signals at the same time. As a portable tool that is easy to use and reliable, the product is a necessary equipment for the calibration of SF6 density relays.

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