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Operation and Maintenance of SF6 Relay

SF6 relay as a critical component in the power system, its performance parameters directly affect the safe and stable operation of the power supply system. The following will deeply explore the basic performance parameters of the SF6 relay, the importance of regular maintenance, and the corresponding safety measures.

Performance specification of SF6 relay

The basic performance parameters of SF6 relay are crucial to ensure its accurate measurement of SF6 gas density. These parameters include:

Detection Range

-0.1/0.5MPa; -0.1/0.9MPa;

Precision Level

At a temperature of 20°C, the precision is 1% of the full range;

Ambient Temperature

From -20℃ to 60℃, the precision is ±2.5% of the full range;

Type of Electrical Contact

Magnetic assisted, micro-switch type

Ambient Temperature Range


Compensation Temperature Range


Waterproof Level


These specifications ensure that the SF6 relay can provide accurate and reliable density (or pressure) readings under various environmental conditions.

Importance of Regular Maintenance of SF6 relay

Although the probability of gas leakages from the circuit breaker itself is low, the mechanical parts inside the SF6 relay may become insensitive or contact poor due to long-term operation. Particularly in the case of significant temperature changes, it is necessary to perform temperature compensation to guarantee the accuracy of readings. National standards and power grid company regulations clearly indicate that SF6 relays should be regularly inspected to avoid effects on the power supply system due to incorrect indications or operation errors.

Safe measures for checking the SF6 relay include:

  • Applying for work permits and carrying out inspections during circuit breaker outage;

  • Understanding the layout of the circuit breaker gas pipeline, clearly knowing the gate valve to switch during inspection;

  • If equipped with a reverse valve SF6 relay, direct inspection can be done, and the reverse valve automatically exits without causing leakage;

  • The connection head between the verification instrument and the circuit breaker pipeline should match to ensure inspection accuracy;

  • Performing reporting and closing control circuit test experiments on SF6 relay;

  • Relevant workers should wear plastic anti-cut gloves, and in the enclosed SF6 electrical equipment room, they need to wear anti-gas masks.

Due to the widespread application of SF6 circuit breakers in power systems, their operation directly relates to the stable power supply of the power system. The SF6 relay as a key component for detecting changes in SF6 gas density, plays a crucial role in the normal operation of the circuit breaker.

Regular maintenance of the SF6 relay helps ensure that the SF6 substance of the circuit breaker maintains a stable working environment over a long term, thereby ensuring the safe and stable operation of the entire power supply system.

Through regular maintenance of the SF6 relay, we can not only improve the safety and stability of the power system, but also extend the service life of the equipment, contributing to the sustainable operation of the power system. In this continuously developing power industry, ensuring the normal operation of the SF6 relay is an important part of maintaining the robust operation of the entire power system.

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