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Tests Conducted by the Calibrator of SF6 Relay

In the power system, the SF6 relay is a widely used protection and control component. Its function is to monitor the pressure of SF6 gas in the closed gas chambers such as high-voltage switches and GIS, so as to ensure the safe operation of high-voltage switches, GIS and other electrical equipment.

There are corresponding regulations for the testing of SF6 relays, so we need to test SF6 relays according to these regulations.

1. How to calibrate the SF6 relay?

If an SF6 relay is not installed, the test is relatively simple, but in more cases we conduct field tests on SF6 relays that have been installed on electrical equipment.

Taking into account the timeliness of power engineering, SF6 relays should be tested in future maintenance of electrical equipment, and it is unlikely that we will be allowed to remove SF6 relays for testing.

To test the SF6 relay on site, we need to first adjust the switch next to the SF6 relay from the monitoring position to the off position (different manufacturers have different names, but the meaning is the same), and turn off the connection between the SF6 relay and GIS and other electrical equipment. If this operation is not carried out, the gas cylinder configured by the SF6 relay calibrator cannot achieve the purpose of controlling and changing the air pressure at all, and the test cannot be completed.

Secondly, disconnect the contact line of the SF6 relay from the high voltage switch circuit, the hose connector on the SF6 relay calibrator is connected to the self-sealing valve on the valve device, and the contact test line on the calibrator is connected to the contact line of SF6 relay.

After completing the above preparation operations, the SF6 relay can be calibrated according to the operating procedures of the calibrator.

2. Matters needing attention in the calibration process of SF6 relay

During the inspection process, pay attention to the ambient temperature where the SF6 gas density relay is located. The best case is to test in a relatively stable temperature environment, because the air pressure has a certain relationship with the temperature. The higher the temperature accuracy, the more accurate the result of the calibrator of SF6 relay, the more accurate the judgment of the pressure value of the calibrator of SF6 relay at 20°C.

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