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High Voltage Substation SF6 Gas Monitoring System

In the new unmanned substation, SF6 gas monitoring system has become an indispensable element to ensure the safe operation of equipment. Especially for SF6 combined electrical equipment in high-voltage substations, this system monitors and alerts online, real-time monitoring of SF6 leakage and oxygen content in 35kV SF6 switchgear rooms and 110kV and above GIS rooms, effectively reducing potential risks, and ensuring the reliability and safety of power equipment.

Gas Monitoring System Features

Large Screen LCD Display

The system uses a large screen LCD display, with clear text display, LED backlight to increase brightness, extend lifespan, making information clearly visible at a glance.

Embedded High-performance Microprocessor

The device uses an embedded high-performance microprocessor with software and hardware supplemented by various compensation measures to solve sensor consistency and temperature drift issues, ensuring measurement accuracy and stability.

Human Infrared Detection and Voice Alarm

The system host has human infrared detection and voice alarm functions to ensure the safety of personnel entering and promptly remind relevant operations.

Advanced Gas Sensor Design

The gas sensor uses a limit current oxygen sensor and a new SF6 gas semiconductor sensor, equipped with high-performance embedded microcontroller and high-performance amplifier, ensuring high accuracy, stability, and long life.

Gas Monitoring System Functions

SF6 Gas Concentration Detection

Real-time monitoring of SF6 gas content, when the concentration exceeds 800ppm, the system displays the excessive content and provides timely warnings.

Oxygen Concentration Detection

Alternately display the oxygen concentration values at each gas sensor to ensure that the oxygen content in the switchgear room is within a safe range.

Temperature and Humidity Display

The system monitors and displays the temperature and humidity values in the switchgear room, providing environmental reference for equipment operation.

Infrared Detection Function

Detect personnel entering the switchgear room, and provide voice prompts for ventilation when the fan is not operating, ensuring personnel safety.

Forced Ventilation

When the fan stops, press the forced button, and the system will conduct forced ventilation for 15minutes to ensure fresh air in the switchgear room.

Scheduled Ventilation

Set the start and stop times for ventilation each day to ensure ventilation at least once a day, ensuring air circulation in the room.

Voice Function

The system provides voice prompts on ventilation status and, after ventilation, announces the current oxygen concentration and SF6 gas content in the switchgear room, reminding the staff whether it is safe to enter.

High-voltage substation SF6 gas monitoring system has provided a comprehensive safety solution for the power industry through advanced technology and intelligent functions. It not only achieves timely monitoring of SF6 gas leaks, but also takes into account environmental factors such as oxygen content, temperature, and humidity, comprehensively protecting the safety of equipment and personnel in the substation.

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