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Safety Requirements for Automatic Calibrator of SF6 Relay

Ⅰ. Basic knowledge of SF6 relay

SF6 relay calibrator is a high-precision instrument, and all the key components of the instrument are precision imported parts. Through high-precision pressure sensor and high-precision A/D and D/A converters, combined with high-performance 32-bit ARM micro-controller and high-speed signal processing chip, the calibration of density relay can be automatically completed. Besides, it can accurately measure the pressure value under the current temperature of signal action and automatically complete the standard pressure conversion of any ambient temperature to 20℃. What’s more, it can automatically print the test data and store it automatically for reference. The whole process does not need manual intervention, and it can automatically identify the fault in the test process, which reflects the characteristics of the instrument intelligence. SF6 relay has the characteristics of high precision, high stability and high reliability.

Ⅱ. Safety requirements for SF6 relay calibrator

Please read the following safety precautions to avoid personal injury and to prevent damage to this product or any other product connected to it. In order to avoid possible hazards, SF6 relay products can only be used within the specified range.

1. Prevent fire or personal injury

(1) Use appropriate power cables. Only the power cord that conforms to the specifications of this product can be used.

(2) Connect and disconnect correctly. When the test conductor is connected to a live terminal, do not connect or disconnect the test conductor at will.
(3) Product grounding. In addition to the grounding lead of the power cord, the grounding column of the SF6 relay product shell must be grounded. To prevent electric shocks, the ground conductor must be connected to the ground. Ensure that the product is properly grounded before connecting to the input or output terminal of the product.

(4) Pay attention to the ratings of all terminals. To prevent fire or electric shock hazards, please note all ratings and markings of this product. Please read the product instruction manual for further information on ratings before connecting this product.

2. Do not operate without cover plate. Do not operate the product if the cover or panel is removed

(1) Use the appropriate fuse. Only fuses conforming to the specified type and rating of this product shall be used.

(2) Avoid contact with exposed circuit and live metal. Do not touch the exposed contacts and parts of SF6 relay when the product is powered on.
(3) Do not operate when there is a suspicious fault. If the product is suspected of damage, please ask our maintenance personnel to check, and do not continue to operate.
(4) Do not operate in humid environment.

(5) Do not operate in an explosive environment.
(6) Keep the product surface clean and dry.

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