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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

From topside drilling to refining and transportation, the application challenges of the Oil & Gas Industry are ample and diverse. The need to reduce costs and uphold the highest standards of safety and environmental protection are uniform and constant. As one of oil pressure gauge manufacturers, Lanso engineers and have experience in the field, they understand the complexity of oil and gas processes and work with customers to engineer instrumentation solutions to overcome the challenges of applications,like oil pressure transducer,oil pressure gauge sensor and petrol density meter, reduce costs, and ensure process safety.


Our instruments are designed to perform reliably even in the harshest conditions, for the wellhead, offshore rig and shale field. With NACE compliant gauges, seals and SIL capable switches, you can trust our field-proven digital oil pressure gauge to provide the accurate and reliable measurements necessary to avoid failures and protect equipment, personnel and the environment.


On the tank car, at the transfer station and all along the pipeline, from the first pump station to the last, Lanso has the answer for every midstream application. Our gas pressure measuring device and temperature instrumentation is the answer to monitor and control flow ensuring critical equipment and to assure staff are safe from over-pressurization and other challenges.


Aggressive media, sour gas and other corrosives can be contained with our NACE approved, and SIL capable instruments. As one of gas pressure gauge manufacturers, we provide pre-assembled instrument/diaphragm seal combinations to ensure that caustics will not threaten your operation or personnel.  Innovative device used to measure pressure of gas features further enhance safety and efficiency by offering high readability in high pulsation and vibration environments.

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