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How to Make the Finishing Work of the SF6 Relay Calibrator Well?

SF6 switches are high-voltage electrical appliances widely used in power systems. The reliable operation of SF6 switch has become one of the most concerned issues in the power supply sector.

The SF6 gas density relay is an important component used to monitor the change of SF6 gas density in the SF6 switch during operation, and its performance directly affects the operation safety of the SF6 switch.

Due to the infrequent action of SF6 gas density relays operating on site, there are often inflexible actions and poor contact contact after a period of time. Some of the density relays also have poor temperature compensation performance. When the ambient temperature changes, SF6 relay will malfunction.

Therefore, each SF6 switch user should regularly check the SF6 gas density relay. Judging from the actual operation situation, it is also very necessary to regularly check the SF6 relay and pressure gauge in the field operation.

Ⅰ. Finishing work of the SF6 relay calibrator is very important

The SF6 gas density relay calibrator solves the difficult problem of calibrating SF6 gas density relays on site. Mainly used for production, maintenance and monitoring of SF6 gas products.

It is especially suitable for power systems, SF6 relays provide convenience for the production, safe operation, pre-test and maintenance of SF6 electrical products.

Everyone knows that SF6 gas is a kind of greenhouse gas. Once leaked, it will have adverse effects on the environment. Therefore, it is very important to do the finishing work of the SF6 gas density relay calibrator.

1. Close all valves on the gas cylinder.

2. Press the "vent" button on the panel to vent the residual gas in the pipeline. (Note: It is strictly forbidden to unplug the air inlet without deflation)

3. Power off the SF6 relay calibrator.

4. Remove the trachea.

5. Unplug the signal and power cables.

Follow the above steps to help safely solve the finishing work of the SF6 gas density relay calibrator.

Ⅱ. Features of SF6 relay calibrator

1. High-performance 16-bit single-chip microcomputer is used for detection and control, with a high degree of integration, mechatronics design, high precision, good repeatability and high reliability.

2. It is equipped with a monochrome LCD screen and a rotary switch, the SF6 relay calibrator is easy to operate, with a beautiful interface, and all parameters and states are clear at a glance.

3. Automatically complete pressure measurement and 20 ℃ value conversion, so as to complete the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. And display the pressure at the measured ambient temperature, the pressure at the ambient temperature at 20°C, and the ambient temperature. It completely solves the problem of difficult on-site verification of SF6 gas density relays.

4. All SF6 relay testing process is automatically completed by the single-chip microcomputer, without manual intervention, avoiding the tedious manual air circuit adjustment operation.

5. The test results are printed in the text report format, and the test results are analyzed intelligently.

6. It can store 32 test results at the same time, and has the function of power-down data protection, which can query and print the previous test results at any time.

7. There is no need for a constant temperature chamber during the calibration process, and the SF6 gas density relay and pressure gauge can be tested within any effective temperature range.

8. It is equipped with various types of transition joints, the density relay of most types of switches can be tested on site without disassembly.

9. SF6 gas is not wasted in the detection process.

10. In addition to the density relay calibration function, the instrument also has 20 ℃ pressure gauge calibration and normal temperature pressure gauge calibration functions.

11. The SF6 relay has the function of modifying the system clock online.

12.  It Have online modification system pressure function.

13. The core components are imported components with reliable performance.

14. It can test one set of alarm signals and two sets of blocking signals at the same time.

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