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How to Test SF6 Relay?

Ⅰ. Necessity of SF6 relay test

In the power system, SF6 relay is a widely used protection and control component. Its role is to monitor the SF6 gas pressure in closed gas chamber such as high voltage switch and GIS, so as to ensure the safe operation of high voltage switch, GIS and other electrical equipment.

For SF6 relay test have corresponding procedure specification, so we need to test according to the practice standard of SF6 relay. The test is relatively simple if SF6 relay without installation, but more often we will test the SF6 relay that is already installed on the electrical equipment. Considering the timeliness of power engineering, it is generally not possible for us to remove SF6 relay for testing.

Ⅱ. Test process of SF6 relay

Firstly, when we doing the field test of SF6 relay, we will need to beside the SF6 relay switch from monitoring position adjustment of valve to the closed position, the electrical equipment such as closed SF6 relay and GIS gas circuit connection. If you don't do this, the SF6 relay tester is configured by the cylinder can not control the change of air pressure, therefore cannot complete test.

Secondly, remove the contact line of the density relay from the switching equipment, and connect with the electrical interface of the SF6 relay tester, and then connect the valve device calibration port with the gas interface of the SF6 relay tester through the hose.

After the above preparations are completed, the SF6 gas density monitor can be tested according to the SF6 relay tester instruction. During the test, attention should be paid to the balance of the ambient temperature and the accuracy of temperature measurement. Because there is a certain relationship between air pressure and temperature, the higher the temperature accuracy, the more accurate the test results, and the more accurate the determination of pressure value at P20 temperature.

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