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Telecoms Sf6 Relay: Guardian of the Smart Grid's Security

Under the promotion of the National Smart Grid Construction Plan, remote transmission SF6 relay has emerged as a guardian of the smart grid, serving as its security protector. This remote transmission SF6 relay integrates mechanical pointer indication and electronic digital monitoring, featuring digital signal transmission and professional system analysis, achieving intelligent remote control. The embedded microprocessor on the remote transmission motherboard collects and analyzes pressure and temperature signals, outputting real-time digital signals of SF6 gas density for remote monitoring in the background.

The remote transmission SF6 relay comes with various transmission media options to meet different demands

Based on different communication signal transmission media, the remote transmission SF6 relay is divided into three types: cable, optical fiber, and wireless. The optical fiber relay has the characteristics of large transmission capacity and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, making it widely applicable in high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage switchgear equipment with strong electromagnetic radiation and interference, ensuring fast and accurate data transmission. The wireless remote transmission relay can achieve wireless communication, making on-site networking convenient without the need for communication cables. It is widely used in the upgrade and transformation of high-voltage switchgear equipment, improving equipment reliability.

SF6 relay enables intelligent online monitoring and real-time preventive measures

The intelligent online monitoring function of the remote SF6 relay not only reduces the need for power personnel to conduct on-site inspection, meter reading, and observation of gas filling and replenishing, but also remotely monitors the SF6 gas status in switchgear equipment and collects various parameter data at any time. Its professional system analysis function enables the prediction of leakage and other fault trends, allowing for preventive measures to be taken in advance to ensure safe and stable equipment operation. At the same time, this relay can save historical data, providing a basis for subsequent analysis and achieving unattended operation, especially suitable for remote substations in remote areas.

SF6 relay with dual safety protection for a perfect combination

The unique design of the remote SF6 relay realizes dual safety protection. The mechanical density relay part and the electronic digital density monitoring part are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other, ensuring the accuracy of density data. On the other hand, it can achieve the combination of a three-way valve that allows verification of the density relay without disassembly, avoiding the risk of SF6 gas leakage during the verification process.

The remote transmission SF6 relay plays an important role in the construction of the smart grid, ensuring the safety and stability of SF6 gas in switchgear equipment through digital monitoring and intelligent remote control. With the support of different transmission media, it can flexibly adapt to various equipment requirements while achieving intelligent online monitoring and real-time preventive measures. With further technological development, remote transmission SF6 relay will undoubtedly be widely used in the power industry, safeguarding a safer, more efficient, and smarter future for our smart grid.

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